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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Aktobe region is located in West part of Kazakhstan, between 51 and 45 degrees north latitude and 49 and 64 degrees east longitude. The length of the territory from east to west is about 800 km, from north to south - about 700 km

  • Aktobe region borders with six regions of Kazakhstan, in the North-East with Kostanay region, in the South-East with Karaganda region and Kyzylorda region, in the South-West with Mangystau region, in the West with Atyrau region, in the North-West with West Kazakhstan region. Aktobe is only region of Kazakhstan which borders with the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, in the north borders with Orenburg region of Russian Federation and in the south with Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan.
  • The nearest port is 1200 km away, in Aktau city, which is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea.


Transport infrastructure of Aktobe region includes all modes of transport except water transport


International airport “Aktobe”

- 3rd major airport in the country

 - accepts all types of air transport

 - more than 4 000 flights per year

 - Construction of "A" class transport and logistics center is planned


Railway station:

 - 17 trips per day

 - 34 routes



Transcontinental highway “West Europe – West China” passes through Aktobe region and allows to reach the southern and northern parts of Kazakhstan, regions of Russia and international highways.

“Western Europe – Western China” highway is part of New Silk way.

Rail transportation plays an important role in the development and fulfillment of needs of the population in freight and passenger transportation. The share of rail transport in total freight turnover of the country is about 50%. Via Aktobe region following railway lines are operating:



"New silk way" is not just as a revival of the ancient Silk way transport route between East and West, but as a large-scale transformation of the entire economic model of Eurasia, especially Central Asian part.

Annual growth of transit container trains between

«Europe – Russia – Kazakhstan - Middle Asia – China»