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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

“Aktobe copper company” has started activity in Kazakhstan in 2006, and is a key industry of group “Russian copper company”. Company carries out the extraction and processing of copper and copper-zinc ores from deposits, such as “50 let Oktyabrya”, “Priorskoye”, “Vesenne-Aralchinskoye”.

They costruct processing plant of №1 and №2 with capacity of 5 million tons per year. Within period of 2004-2015 the volume of investments exceeded 659,6 million USD with creation of 1700 jobs. Moreover, they rised up copper production up to 60 thousand tons and 45 thousand tons in concentrates.

Company plans to construct open and underground mines in following deposits:

  1. "Vesenne-Aralchinskoye " ( "Aktobe copper company" LLP, with capacity of 500 thousand tons of copper-zinc ore per year, an investment of  31,9 billion tenge. Implementation period – 2013-2017;
  2. "Kundyzdy" ("KazGeorud" LLP), with a capacity of 2 million tons of copper-zinc ore per year, the investment volume for 54.05 billion tenge. Implementation period – 2013-2017.; 
  3. "Limannoe" ("KazGeorud" LLP), with a capacity of 2 million tons of copper-zinc ore per year, volume of investments 110 billion tenge. Implementation period – 2013-2022гг.

At least1.5 thousand new jobs will be created.

In 1997, Kazakhstan and China has started partnership in the development oil and gas. “CNPC-Aktobemunaigas” is first major investment project of CNPC in Kazakhstan, and largest company in region.

The share of extracted oil is 70%, and 90% of extracted gas. The “CNPC-Aktobemunaigas” holds 8% of share in local oil market, and consistently ranked in the top five leading oil and gas operators in Kazakhstan. More than 9 billion USD invested and 7000 jobs were created in over 19 year of partnership.

The amount of tax payments is more than 2 trillion tenge, as well as 15 billion tenge spent in social and infrastructure sphere of region.

The main project of company is “Third Zhanazhol gas processing plant (3-ZGPP) on the field of “Zhanazhol” with capacity of 7 billion cubic meters per year.

In 2008, Company has invested 150 million USD to the gas turbine power station with capacity of 33,7 mW with creation of 150 jobs.


"Voskhod" group of companies (hereafter – Company) operates since 2006. Main activity: mining and processing of chrome ore and chrome concentrate production.

In 2008, Company realized investment project for the construction of mining and processing plant at the deposit "Voskhod“ and located in Chromtau region with the developed infrastructure. The complex includes several facilities: mining complex, railway terminal and other supporting infrastructure division.

In 2010, Company commissioned underground mine. The mine uses the latest methods of underground development - inclined shaft using modern mining equipment of leading world companies.

Company invested more than $250.0 million and created 800 jobs.

Company owner has been "Yildirim Group" (Turkey) since 2014.

Product sales oriented on foreign markets. 40% of chrome concentrate is supplied to the Russian market (Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant), the UK (the company «Glencore»), rest of the production is exported to China. 

Aktobe rail and beam plant has been operating since 2015. The main direction of activity: production of 120 meters long rails, this kind of technology is mastered for the first time in the CIS countries.

The project invested more than $550.0 million, while 800 jobs were created.

The plant has capacity of 200 thousand tons of rails and 230 thousand tons of steel production per year

In 2015, the plant put into operation gas-piston power plant with capacity of 40 mW. By the end of 2016, the electricity production exceeded 250.0 million kW.

Aktobe rail and beam plant is a “green” investment into the economy of Republic of Kazakhstan since there is organized first technology of zero-discharge industrial production.

The project is an innovative, high-tech and competitive, which helped to create new jobs and secure production of electricity, reduce electricity shortages in Aktobe region.