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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Industrial zone “Aktobe”

TERRITORY 200 hectares (5 km. from the city center) AMONG RAILWAY AND HIGHWAY – «WEST EUROPE – WEST CHINA»(85 km from Russian border).

Provision of land plots with area up to 50 hectares.

Prior to commissioning (no more than 4 years):

-   land lease - free

-   land tax – 112 thousand KZT ($ 325,1) from 1 hectar per year

After putting object into operation::

The rental price is established by the formula of 1/20 of the cadastral value of the land plot plus the land tax rate established for the corresponding year.

Key advantages of Industrial zone:

•        ready infrastructure;

•        low cost for energy resources;

•        flexibility for investors;

•        convenient transport logistics;

•        support project on the principle of "one window";

Main requirentments for projects:

•        individual entrepreneur, legal entity;

•        project must comply with the requirements of the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan;

•        execution of the approved project implementation schedule (indicated in the project implementation agreement between the applicant and the management company of Industrial Zone);

•        use of advanced technologies, high added value, demand for products, level of product redistribution, export opportunities, economic, budgetary, social effects for the Republic of Kazakhstan;

•        amount of the applicant's own and attracted investments in fixed assets (CAPEX) of the investment project, should be at least KZT 120 million per 1 hectare, allocated to him the area of the land plot;