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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Project Initiator: Zрantizer Farm

Product: chilled and frozen lamb meat

Product sales markets: western region of Kazakhstan, Aktobe region, Russia

Planned annual production: 5 thousand tons

Project location: Khromtau

Total cost of the project: $ 10.8 million

Investment amount: $ 10.8 million

Type of investment required: debt or equity financing, leasing

Estimated project implementation period: 2019

The current state of the industry: there are no lamb processing plants in Aktobe region, the need of Aktobe region for lamb meat is 10,000 tons per year, the sheep population in the region is more than 1.2 million heads

Possible government support:

1. Subsidies for production in the amount of more than 1.5 USD per 1 kg;

2.Subsidizing part of the cost of feed - up to 50%;

3.Subsidizing part of the cost of purchasing breeding sheep from abroad;

4.Concessional lending to development institutions;

5.Support of the project through the investor service center (“one window”).