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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Project Introduction:

Investment Project Objective: Expansion of a Sausage Production Plant

Side A (Kazakhstan): Tandem W LLP

Party B (Foreign Investor):

Industry: AIC

Realization period: 24 months

Location: Aktobe region

Financial part of the project:

Total cost of the project: $ 9.6 million.

Own financing: possible

Availability of co-investor: no

Loan financing: possible

Technological part of the project:

Project scope: small

Design capacity: Expansion of the existing workshop

Project description:

Stage 1: A sausage and delicatessen meat factory was built and put into operation in 2008.

Stage 2: A business plan has been developed for feeding 2,000 head of cattle and 1,000 heads of breeding stock with acreage for the existing meat processing plant.

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