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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Company name: Edemi LLP

Products that can be produced at the enterprise: knitwear (T-shirts, T-shirts, sports suits, underwear, etc.)

Plot: 3.5 hectares

Production areas: a brick building with a size of 149 meters by 24 meters, an area of 17 thousand square meters. m., in operation since 1966, the condition of the shops is satisfactory

Availability of production infrastructure: There is no branch, medium pressure gas is introduced into the territory of the production base, electricity is sewage and city water in sufficient volumes

Raw materials: raw materials (yarn) must be purchased outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Project location: Aktobe

Markets for products: domestic market

Major equipment suppliers: Spain, Czech Republic, Japan, USA

Offer for the investor: long-term lease or joint production