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Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Project initiator: "Oksibild" LLP

Shareholders of the project initiators: individuals residents of RoK

Brief description of the new product: gypsum, drywall, cement-based plaster dry mixes

Raw material: sand pit deposit of Kargaly river

Projected annual production: gypsum – 105 thousand tons

cement-based plaster dry mixes - 96 thousand tons

drywall – 3.6 mln. m2

Potential markets for the products sale: RoK, CIS countries

Project Implementation location: Aktobe region

Total cost of the project: 11 mln USD

Investments amount: 7,8 mln USD

Type of investments required: loan and shared funding, leasing

Projected term for the project implementation: 2019-2020

Current state of the project: The business plan has been developed. Equipment suppliers PARGET MAKIN (Turkey) and KNAUF (Germany) hve been approved

Possible government support:

1. Exemption from customs duties, land grants;

2. Simplified employment of expat workforce;

3. Preferential loans of development institutions

4. The project support through the investors service centers ("one contact")