Investment Portal of Aktobe region

Production of medical needles and general surgical instruments 20 million USD
Manufacture of generic drugs 20-100 million USD
Gas turbine power plant project 180 million USD
Ash and Slag Waste Disposal 12 million USD
Gas filling station project 2,9 million USD
Recycling of dead slags of refined ferrochrome negotiable
Nitric acid production 51 million USD
Exploration and production of hydrocarbons negotiable
Regeneration of waste oils 1,8 million USD
Processing of associated petroleum gas into commercial gasoline and dimethyl ether 20 million USD
Production of unmanned aerial vehicles 15 million USD
Manufacture of filters for cars 15 million USD
Optical equipment manufacturing 70 million USD
Optical equipment manufacturing 35 million USD
Microfluidic device manufacturing 35 million USD
Production of laser equipment for metal processing 60 million USD
Production of high purity quartz concentrates 50 million USD
Automotive electronics production 80 million USD
Production of agricultural and municipal equipment 11 million USD
Electric motor production 15 million USD
Production of heat generators 1,5 million USD
Metal production and assembly of mini tractors 0,7 million USD
Lithium batteries 3,2 million USD
Modernization of metal products shop 400 thousand USD
Arrangement of titanic and zirconic ores mining and processing 40 million USD
Iron-ore concentrate production 78 million USD
Metal pipes production 1,3 million USD
Assembly of special vehicles with accessories production 1,3 million USD
Production of fiberglass composites 30 million USD
Production of modern high-tech fabrics 25 million USD
Production of geomaterials 15 million USD
Pigment production 70-100 million USD
Marble production 14 million USD
Extraction of kaolin clay at Soyuznoye and Yaroslavskoye deposits 200 million USD
Production of foamglass ceramics 4 million USD
Arrangement of dry building mixes production 7,8 million USD
Production of reinforced concrete products 2,5 million USD
Granulated sugar production 3 million USD
Starch production 45 million USD
Poultry meat production 100 million USD
Construction of industrial greenhouses 25 million USD
Wholesale distribution center 30 million USD
Poultry farm construction project 12 million USD
Production of dairy and meat products 38 million USD
Production of all-mash and premix 17 million USD
Expansion of the plant for the processing of cattle skins 450 thousand USD
Expansion of dairy production 70 thousand USD
Expansion of sausage production 9.6 million USD
Complex mineral fertilizers DAP / MAF (chemical complex) 600 million USD
Construction of meat processing plant for deep processing of lamb meat 10.8 million USD
Construction of vegetable stores 400 thousand USD
Construction feedlot 7.5 million USD
Poultry Farm Construction Project 60 million USD
Flower greenhouse complext 81 million USD
Construction of a pulp and paper mill 50 million USD
Glassware production 100 million USD
Waste-free processing of domestic waste (MSW) 26 million USD
Construction of transport and logistics center KTZ Express 78 million USD
Hotel 14 million USD
Shopping and entertainment complex 2,5 million USD
Residential complex 30 million USD
PPP - modernization of sewage treatment plant 6,2 million USD
Recycling of solid waste 71 million USD
Utilization power plant 110 million USD
Resort area of Kargaly reservoir negotiable
Hydrocarbon processing 2 million USD
Grain storage and processing 2 million USD
Pipe production negotiable
Production of building materials negotiable
Knitwear negotiable
"Martuk SeverProm" negotiable